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Daniel Craig’s James Bond doesn’t get an ambiguous ending like so many heroes did at the end of No Time to Die. He is on an island that has been blown up and infected with a deadly nanobot plague for which there is no cure.

This breathtaking, controversial ending is largely due to the fact that after 15 years Craig wanted to quit the role of Bond and officially begin the next phase of his acting career.

“No Time to Die” was originally due to be released in March 2020 before being postponed to October 8, 2021. Nearly two weeks after its release, the film grossed nearly $ 448 million at the global box office.

Craig was very open about Bond’s straining his life, going so far as to say in a 2015 interview with TimeOut Magazine, “Right now I’m over it. We’re done. All I want to do is keep going. ”With this background, it’s not surprising that“ No Time to Die ”feels more consistent than a normal 007 film, which usually has very few real uses.


The film touches on the franchise’s potential future with the inclusion of Lashana Lynch’s Nomi inheriting the 007 coat when Bond retires after “Specter”. As the top MI6 agent, Lynch can assert herself as 007 and opens the door for her character to be an important part of the franchise for years to come. What this specific role will be is still unknown. At a pivotal moment in “No Time to Die,” Nomi Bond returns the 007 title, and it’s unclear if he’ll ever give it back to her.

With Craig leaving the role of Bond for good, the question arises, “Who should be the next James Bond?” has once again become a major topic of conversation in Hollywood, with many different options being discussed and debated. The five-time 007 has used the role to turn him from a relatively unknown British actor to a global superstar, while leaving a big pair of black dress shoes – or heels – for whoever takes on the role next.

Whichever actor is tasked with carrying on the legacy of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Craig must be charming, handsome and able to successfully wear a three-piece suit. While the studio has traditionally selected an actor who was not previously world famous to play the role of Bond, it would be fascinating for an established actor / actress to give the character their own personal touch. Here are three of Hollywood’s biggest stars who would be excellent choices for the next James Bond.

Daniel Kaluuya:

Kaluuya, one of the most talented people in Hollywood right now, would slip into the role of Bond seamlessly. In roles like “Get Out”, “Black Panther” and his Oscar-winning performance in “Judas and the Black Messiah” he has demonstrated his extraordinary ability to deliver in dramatic moments and assert himself in intense action scenes. James Bond is known for getting into precarious situations, and especially in “Get Out” Kaluuya has struck the right balance between skepticism and downright horror. If Kaluuya were chosen, he would also represent a new era in the Bond franchise as he would be the first colored person to portray the legendary character.

Emily Blunt:

Blunt has been a popular choice for the role of Bond for many years, and it’s not hard to see why. Her roles in the films “Sicario” and “A Quiet Place” demonstrated her ability to carry an action film, particularly her incredible stunt skills, which are also shown in the 2021 film “Jungle Cruise”. Blunt is also extremely charismatic and has an almost unmatched combination of charm and humor in her characters. She took an active part in her Bond candidacy and said in an interview with Absolute Radio in 2018, “Yes, I will be James Bond.” A star big enough to inherit the incredible burden of being the first woman to star as 007, the British actress can even help introduce Bond to a different audience.

Henry Cavill:

The potential in a James Bond franchise led by Henry Cavill is extraordinary. His role in “The Man from UNCLE” showed that he could really assert himself as a comedic actor and give the character a level of self-esteem not shown in most of the Craig films. Of course, Cavill has the look, charm, and body it takes to perfect an action-packed Bond. Plus, his role as Superman showed that he has the ability to run a really big franchise. There are a couple of red flags that go with the selection of Cavill, however – one of which is that he is already very famous for playing an iconic role as Superman and it could be distracting for the audience to see the “Man of Steel.” “A three piece suit drinks a martini. Cavill as James Bond may be the safest bet, especially in the action department, and I think he could help bring the franchise back to its roots as a fun, flamboyant spy story.