Everyone knows that you can’t buy an exotic car and hop around without remembering your piece of jewelry, whether it’s clothes, key chains or other accessories. Here are some suggestions, some awesome, some practical, all interesting and worth a look.

GilletteLabs | Bugatti Special Edition heated razor $ 170

Bugatti razor


Shaving is serious business and with Bugatti’s Special Edition Heated Razor you can tackle it with the precision, craftsmanship and style expected from this iconic brand. This beautiful razor is made in Bugatti Agile Bleu, the same blue made famous by the legendary Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport 2020, dubbed “The purest Bugatti ever”.

Bugatti razor


The high-quality aluminum-zinc handle gives the overall look and feel of the razor a touch of sophistication. It’s a nod to the exclusive lightweight materials like anodized aluminum and titanium in your 1,000 horsepower supercar. In terms of appearance, sitting on your sink or side shelf is an art. It also comes with a sturdy carrying case with various extras that is suitable for any Bugatti enthusiast.

Rolls-Royce: A bespoke whiskey and cigar box (available from participating dealers)

The Rolls-Royce Cellarette, a whiskey and cigar box

Rolls Royce

Who doesn’t love a nice stogie after dinner? The Cellarette embodies true Rolls-Royce style – precision engineering, exquisite craftsmanship and a display of luxury worthy of this iconic badge. The polished aluminum chassis, wrapped in embossed Rolls-Royce Havana leather, complete with a serving tray made of Obsidian Ayous Open Pore veneer with Spirit of Ecstasy inlay, makes the Cellarette the perfect accessory for every Rolls-Royce owner with a passion for convivial dining.

Although the cellarette fits in the back of any Rolls-Royce, it really comes into its own as the centerpiece of an alfresco meal or as an accompaniment to an intimate get-together.

The Rolls-Royce Cellarette, a whiskey and cigar box

Rolls Royce

The dark exterior opens up and emits warm ambient light. The highlights made of Armagnac leather are accentuated by soft light and are reminiscent of the atmosphere of a respected members’ club. Mechanically, a number of beautiful accessories are revealed that mirror the opening of the doors of a Rolls-Royce car.

After unfolding, the customer is presented with hand-blown lowball glasses, each of which is exquisitely finished with the ‘RR’ monogram. These glasses turn outwards when opened and evoke a charming theatrical feeling. Like every Rolls-Royce product, the Cellarette can be tailored precisely to customer specifications.

The Rolls-Royce Cellarette is available through Rolls-Royce dealerships starting at $ 61,085 excluding local taxes.

BMW Classic Men’s Motorsport Jacket $ 332

BMW Classic men’s motorsport jacket


This is a reinterpretation of the historic BMW Motorsport jacket and will inspire you, regardless of whether you ride or drive one of the high-end motorcycles from BMW. Lightly padded with a tricolor stand-up collar and metal snap fasteners in silver, it comes with four zip pockets – two on the side and two at chest height – as well as zip fasteners on both sleeves, rounded off with the historic BMW Motorsport logo.

Custom watch from Celeste Watch Company with your favorite motorcycle or car photo on the face

Celeste clock with motorcycle photo


Celeste creates brilliant timepieces with mixed media dials that not only show the time but also serve as a work of art for the wrist. Made with an engineer’s eye and made from the finest materials, these timepieces are a stunning addition to the style, demeanor and flair of the wearer and make a great Christmas present or gift for any occasion.

If you send them a photo of you with your piece of jewelry – whether it’s a car or a bicycle – it will be placed on the face of your watch so that you won’t forget it even if you both have to be separated.

Celest Custom watch


Celeste uses seashells as the main canvas, including mother-of-pearl and abalone, often combined with wood or metal. It doesn’t print pictures and numbers on the dials like other manufacturers do; Instead, she combines materials such as brass, wood and shells to create faces, colors and looks that fit into everyday life and spice up special occasions.

Each watch is equipped with a Swiss Ronda movement and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The watch cases are made of polished, hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel, while the glass is made of sapphire crystal, which is virtually scratch-resistant – only a diamond is harder.

Porsche sunglasses “sidewall” $ 475

Porsche “Sidewall” sunglasses


There are so many faint steampunk colors out there, and while these specs aren’t exactly steampunk, they follow that general style and are pretty much in vogue these days. The “Sidewall” combines light, minimalist design with character and functional performance. A unique and refined finish gives the keystone an elaborate manufacturing process, for exclusive design, through and through. A well made product that will last you for years if you don’t lose it.

Aston Martin luxury laptop canvas backpack $ 457

Luxurious canvas laptop backpack

Aston Martin

Spending more than $ 400 on a canvas backpack may seem excessive, but this device looks like it can withstand all the abuse that a typical laptop bag brings when traveling, and that’s what you get want. It is made with bespoke Italian water-repellent nylon and has a 4-bar quick-release belt adjuster and a padded interior compartment for technology. In navy blue and with the Aston Martin logo embossed on the flap. Inner lining is a contrasting red.