See + do California’s biggest traditional fashion week returns for the first in-person event in New York City in July 2021 in partnership with Sotheby’s and the Art Renewal Center

Friday 9th July 2021

Fashion Week San Diego® (FWSD), California’s largest traditional fashion week, in partnership with Sotheby’s and the Art Renewal Center (ARC), announced their first in-person New York City event, The Art and Beauty Behind Fashion. As part of a burgeoning tradition of collaboration between FWSD and ARC, the signature event will feature each designer showcasing their exclusive garment inspired by a piece of art from the Art Renewal Center.

With all female designers!

For the first time in the event’s history, all nine featured designers are female, including NALAA, My Generation, Bea Cruz PH, J2911, Moondust Concepts, L Label Loves Emvee Bikini, Outsiders Clothing, Eiona and Sierra Mitchell. The Bi-Coastal event will take place on Saturday, July 24th from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST at Sotheby’s New York, while viewers at home will be able to watch the show via YouTube and IGTV. Entrants can vote for their top fashion designer on the FWSD voting page July 24-31, and the winner of the show will be announced at FWSD’s signature catwalk event in San Diego in October.

As part of his third partnership with ARC, FWSD’s “The Art and Beauty Behind Fashion” become designers
debut their original couture outfits, paired with and inspired by first-class pieces of the 15th ARC Salon competition. The renowned ARC Salon competition is the world’s largest for representational art and received over 4,941 submissions from 83 countries in the last cycle.

These nine award-winning paintings, paired with the original looks from the FWSD designers, allow artists to bring contemporary realism to a wider audience and introduce the performing arts movement to top fashion designers around the world. In addition, it enables FWSD designers to connect with top art collectors and influencers around the world and create an ideal partnership.

FWSD team makes Fashion Week history

“Last year the FWSD team made fashion week history around the world and will forever have a virtual exhibit on Sotheby’s website with the ARC, which was a huge win and an incredible way to shut down the aisles during the pandemic switch to make flawless events possible. ”“ said Gwen Bates, Director of FWSD. “This year is no different and offers all of our designers even more unique opportunities. As the longest and largest fashion week on the west coast, we are really excited that this exclusive FWSD signature event will, based on experience, grow in the coming years and inspire art and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. We are very happy to have this gallery experience in New York safely. “

The exhibition “The Art and Beauty Behind Fashion” shows editorial recordings and possibilities for videography as well as live models to present the work of art throughout Sotheby’s and to create a complete presentation and a comprehensive experience for guests who are personally present and watch virtually .

“So much work goes into an exhibition like this, not just from the Art Renewal Center, but from all the artists who have spent months or years creating their masterpieces,” said Kara Lysandra Ross, co-chair and COO of ARC. “Being able to combine an art exhibition with a fashion event like this, where a completely separate group of artists working in a different art form can come together, takes the experience to a whole different level. I am very grateful to be part of this timeless expression of our common humanity. ”In addition, 28 works from the ARC exhibition will be included in a groundbreaking, first-ever online auction entitled Contemporary Realism: Important 21st Century Works on . The auction is open for online bidding from July 16 to July 26, 2021.

The Art and Beauty Behind Fashion will be available to San Diego viewers on YouTube and IGTV. To learn more about FWSD, visit their website here or connect on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Stay Safe, San Diego!