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Lizzo has a message to all of her haters with her latest look and we are here for that!

The “Rumors” singer was spotted at dinner in West Hollywood yesterday wearing an eye-catching graphic t-shirt. The T-shirt showed an almost naked, back-turned image of the star, as she wore nothing but cheeky black underwear and her long, pitch-black hair. “Enuff to feed the needy,” read the graphic t-shirt along with the words “Lizzo” and “rumors” scattered across the top. The T-shirt message comes after Lizzo went to IG Live to address the greasy, sexist, and racist news she’s received recently, which has only increased since her video for “Rumors” with Cardi B was made was released last week. And with this look, Lizzo seems to be addressing those haters again, but this time in a more subtle, subliminal way.

Styled by Jason Rembert, she paired the look with black fringed lederhosen from Stinson Haus and black and white pointed toe shoes, and swapped her usual straight hair for curly hair that showed off her natural kinks and curls. As for her purse, she carried a beautiful $ 350 silver locker bag from Avg Citizen. “Believe me, honey … I have enough to feed the needy”, she headed her IG contribution and quoted what is on her T-shirt and the text of The Notorious BIG’s “Big Poppa”.

Check out the full look below!

“A FRESH BEAUTY !!!!! 😍 “, enthused one fan in Lizzo’s comments, while another said:” You are on the right track with these looks, babe. “

It’s good to see the 33-year-old smile again after her tearful Instagram live last weekend, opening up about how all the hateful criticism she has faced has made her “so dejected” .

“Most of the time it doesn’t hurt my feelings, I don’t care,” she told her IG Live viewers. “I just think that when I work so hard, my tolerance gets less. My patience is getting worse. I am more sensitive. And it goes to me. “

She continued, “People say shit about me, it just doesn’t make sense. “It’s fat phobic, racist and hurtful. If you don’t like my music, cool. If you don’t like ‘Rumors’ this song, cool. But a lot of people don’t like me because I look like that … “

However, she ended the live on a more positive note, telling her fans that she “will only focus on positive comments from now on”.

“I don’t have time for your negativity, your internalized self-hatred, which you protect from me with your racism, and your fat phobia,” she said. “I have no time for that. Anyway, I stay me. I will continue to be a bad bitch … “

We love to see it!

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