You don’t have to pay much attention to the fact that all images of human skulls have spread in recent years. T-shirts, jackets, ties, socks, underwear, baseball caps and even evening dresses with skull prints are sold like pancakes. Needless to say, skull jewelry can be found everywhere. All others seem to show pendants, rings or belts decorated with this symbol. Skulls have become famous, although people usually try to avoid the subject of death. What is the origin of such anomalous tendencies? I’ll give you an answer in this post.

The importance of the skull from a historical point of view

The ancient culture was a symbol of skulls and bones, the weakness of existence and at the same time very important for regeneration. The warriors threatened their enemies, showed that they were ignoring death and adorned their armor and weapons with images of skulls. For centuries the skull has been an integral part of military and militant groups. This tradition is still alive today. During the Second World War, the skull, also known as the skull, was part of the German military badge. The allies did not ignore the image of the skull and skeleton. They put these terrible symbols on tanks and planes to show that they were not afraid of death.

By the way, it was this military tradition that made the skull one of the most distinctive symbols of the biker community. The pioneers of the biker movement were the soldiers themselves. They transferred images of the skull from a military vehicle to a steel horse and carried these images to the United States and around the world. The most famous (or rather infamous) biker club has a winged skull as its logo. This exact image was seen on a relay fighter under the awe-inspiring name of Hells Angels.

At the same time, the skull symbol is closely linked to the hermit. They used to think about life and its end, death. Those who opt for skull jewelry are not indifferent to important terms such as life and death. Skull lovers are often interested in other world issues. Those who worship the skull symbol see death only as a stage, a transition to another world.

Modern culture skull

The head of death became a symbol of punk culture that emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It’s no secret that punk has adopted many elements of the image from rockers. The rocker was inspired by the biker. However, while biker clubs were a niche phenomenon and their symbolism wasn’t widely known outside of the community, punk had to take skulls to a new level of popularity. They slightly changed the wording of the skull to make it more attractive to young people. By adding a fair amount of rivets, rivets, pins, chains and more, we were able to spread the symbol of rebellion among young punk fans.

The fashion market had to react when it noticed a breakthrough in the skull. To appeal to young and ambitious youngsters, designers started with skull clothing and accessories, and tattooists came up with a range of fascinating tattoo concepts. By the way, Ed Hardy, a famous American tattoo artist, did a lot in the spread of skulls. He was one of the first to combine roses and hearts with images of the skull.

Damien Hirst, a world-renowned British artist and provocateur, is another person whose skulls are popular. Hurst is the author of the infamous Platinum Skull, which is set with 8601 diamonds. The largest of 52 carats is proud of its forehead. Hurst called his work “out of love for God” and added that he wanted to show victory over death. Critics frowned as a sign of bad taste. Meanwhile, the audience banged.

Another provocateur, this time from the world of haute couture, was able to introduce Skullmania into his everyday wardrobe. Speaking of Alexander McQueen and his collection of innovative silk scarves with a skull print. In the 21st century, despite some strength, skulls became part of popular culture when they became infected with subcultures in the 1960s. As a result, the skull is no longer a niche phenomenon and has become widespread. If you don’t have a skull shirt or skull chain yet, we have to make up for it.

It doesn’t look like this “deadly” trend will happen anytime soon. If you are not afraid of the image of death, be brave and move with the times. Incidentally, the skull not only has death, but also a cycle of life, intellect and natural phenomena. This encompassing symbol will help you express your values, ideals, and worldviews in a somewhat ridiculous way. Isn’t that something you need to make yourself stand out?

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