The Oswego Joint Council met on Monday, July 26th, every two months. Photo from Oswego City’s YouTube stream.

OSWEGO – The Oswego Common Council accepted a donation of picnic tables from Jesse Vannuchi and the Oswego Renaissance Association to be used in Franklin Square Park at the Common Council’s bimonthly meeting on Monday.

Before the meeting, Vannuchi, the association’s block manager, explained the donation during the public meeting and said that the association had been working on building the park in recent years.

“[We had volunteers] paint the playground in Franklin Square and last year we colored the playground a few months ago. I ran a campaign for it and got a good turnout, ”said Vannuchi. “This year we finished the whole park and made it look nice.”

Vannuchi added that some neighbors wanted to bring picnic tables so they can sit and watch their children play in the new playground. While the Common Council couldn’t respond to Vannuchi’s words, Mayor Billy Barlow thanked the Oswego Renaissance Association for providing something for the city.

“Thank you for your efforts with the playground and for taking up this initiative,” said Barlow. “We appreciate that, and a lot of people… come to the advice and ask about things. It’s rare for people to come to give and do things for the city, so thank you very much. “

Vannuchi’s plan is to start with five tables and possibly expand to nine. Apart from this resolution No. 237, the remaining 12 resolutions were also adopted unanimously. These include:

  • Approval of the minutes of the last joint Council meeting on July 12th
  • Accept a donation from a Paul Conzone memorial bench in honor of his father-in-law, Eric Gates, to be used in Oak Hill Park
  • Authorize Barlow to sign Change Order # 2 with PAC Associates of Oswego, Inc. for additional work on the Envelope Improvements Project of the City Hall Building for $ 60,754
  • Approve a Junk License for Phillip Gordon and Sons, Inc.
  • Confirm the 2021 rating list for the city of Oswego
  • Approve the transfer of funds from the Generla Fund Conditional Account to the Engineering Department Contracted Services Professional Services Account of Churchill Environmental Inc, for the West Side Fire Department roof replacement project

The council also approved a trio of decisions on the “use of public space”. These include the use of the public space for a graduation ceremony, for the Garrett Dunsmoor Memorial Foundation basketball tournament on September 11, and for the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce, which hosts the annual CNY Pumpkin Festival in early October.

The final resolutions were # 242, 243, and 244. # 242 approved a budget change to the community development account for special events of $ 50,000 for various summer events. No. 243 waived the rules of the Joint Council to propose Resolution No. 244 without committee scrutiny, which was eventually passed to $ 3,000 from the Youth Bureau Fees for Services for Non-Employees Account for Children’s Programs at Summer Bash Carnival 2021, that will take place next weekend, 29.-31. July, instead.

All meetings of the Joint Council take place every second and fourth Monday of the month. The next meeting will take place on Monday 9 August at 7.15 p.m. To view the agenda for the meeting, please click here.

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