Since entering the world market with the 650 Twins, Royal Enfield has always stood for style and freedom of expression. In fact, it was one of the few manufacturers who thoroughly promoted and even showcased bespoke creations based on its motorcycles. While Royal Enfield custom motorcycles are indeed becoming more common, there is no denying that their motorcycles are great machines that are ready to go out of the box.

The same goes for its newest model, the new and improved Classic 350. This bike is responsible for keeping the company afloat in its home country, India as well as other neighboring countries, and continues to be one of the company’s best-selling models. Since the Meteor 350 is on the US market and the previous generation Classic 500 was briefly available in the US a few years ago, there is a possibility that Royal Enfield will bring the new Classic 350 to the US market.

However, those who have been able to place an order for the new Classic 350 will be delighted to learn that the bike comes with an extensive list of aftermarket add-ons, all of which are manufactured and sold by Royal Enfield itself. This opens up many possibilities for the future owners of this bike, because these accessories not only improve the aesthetics of the bike, but also make it a very versatile platform. The accessories listed for the Classic 350 really are far and wide and are designed to meet a wide variety of preferences.

A total of 35 accessories – both aesthetic and functional – have been listed on Royal Enfield’s website. Standout highlights include a detachable pillion seat that costs the equivalent of just $ 40, as well as a slew of impact protection options ranging from $ 40 to $ 70. You even have the option of equipping your bike with a trick set of alloy wheels, similar to the one we find on the Meteor, for the equivalent of $ 171. As you can see, Royal Enfield makes it extremely affordable to outsmart its newest machine in a classic style. The full list of aftermarket add-ons can be found on the RE official website linked below.