If you don’t see a scuffle between the groom and sister-in-law at a wedding, something seems wrong. The relationship between Jija and Saali is fun and one of the most exciting and fun moments of any wedding is the “Joota Chhupai” ritual. Saalies are always pampered by their jijaji and are one step ahead even when they want to pull their leg through. Hence, the relationship between a Jija and a Saali is extraordinary, as he is also the first to defend his dear sister-in-law.

One such video is currently going viral on social media and accurately depicts the bittersweet relationship between a brother-in-law and sister-in-law and comes from the wedding ceremony.

So in the video we can see that the groom’s friends and relatives just won’t let go when the Saali goes “stealing” their Jijas shoes. After a long tussle, the hall finally manages to get hold of the groom’s shoes. In the background you can also hear someone saying: “Don’t risk your life for a shoe.”

The sister-in-law apparently asked for Rs 21 lakh for the return of her Jiya’s shoes. Yes indeed! you heard that right. Then you hear the groom’s sister say, ‘I gave such a handsome boy with no money to the free fund and Rs 21 lakh for shoes.’ For a long time such things went on, but after a while Sali got many rupees to steal the shoe. Sali was very happy to see this and her joy knew no bounds.

The entire video also looked great fun from the family. This video is loved by people on social media. The video was uploaded to Instagram by an account called The Wedding Corp and was very popular with the public.