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Vintage finds! Sarah Jessica Parker‘s fabulous fashion for the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That, is simply the gift that is given over and over again. Case study? One of her latest looks has a special meaning.

While out and about in New York City in October, the 56-year-old star was spotted wearing a floral print caftan dress and a pair of Dior python leather shoes that were supposed to look a bit familiar.

The slender sandals, which sell for $ 825, were first seen on the Star in the 2008 movie “Sex and the City”. Does anyone remember the iconic green floral print dress ensemble she paired with the studded belt and Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower bag ?!

Even if the dress does not reappear during the reboot (we know that!), The studded belt and the bag have already been repurposed. Parker carried the purse when filming scenes in Paris earlier this month. In July, she was seen rocking the Streets Ahead belt with a Carolina Herrera dress and, as you guessed it, Manolo Blahnik pumps.

Bringing back items from the original series seems to be a trend that is being embraced by costume designers Molly Rogers. Because although there are sure to be a lot of new, soon-to-be iconic items on set, she has not shied away from incorporating an explosion from the past.

Whether Carrie Bradshaw’s purple Fendi baguette bag or a special pair of snakeskin shoes, it is sure to be a fashionable fixture for devout fans. After all, there are few fictional characters with such an iconic wardrobe.

In the first show, the standout style was all thanks to the costume designer Patricia Fieldscurrently working on Emily in Paris. Fields made it a point to push boundaries and “take everything to another level”. “She [Parker’s] Style was most like my own, ”said the designer in the story for InStyle. “She was eclectic and could handle pretty much every look I gave her.”

Fields went on to say that while the “freedom” she was given with the closet was unmatched, she had to fight a good fight to secure the all-time iconic tutu in the opening credits.

“[The show’s creator] Darren Stern and I was trying to decide what Carrie should wear in the opening credits of the show. And around that time, I found what is now known as the world-famous tutu in a small shopping basket on the floor of a showroom, ”she recalls. “I knew Sarah Jessica would love it, mostly because she had a ballet training, but when you’re not in fashion, it’s a little hard to understand the appeal of a tutu. So I had to do some persuasion. “

Your reasoning? “If this show is a hit and it credits it, it never gets stale,” she told Star. It’s safe to say it was the right call as the tutu is undoubtedly the most memorable look from the show!

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