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Apple’s AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max remain bestsellers in the True Wireless Listening category. But they are certainly not perfect. They can often be enhanced with a few accessories – like earhooks or a protective cover. For a limited time, you can save yourself some AirPods accessories – and even a new pair of AirPods Pro – for up to 75% off. Have fun while listening!

Would you like a pair of AirPods Pro and a use for them beyond your typical playlists and podcasts? This bundle includes a brand new pair of Apple headphones and a lifetime subscription to 12min, a world-class microbook library of over 2,000 titles in two dozen categories. It’s valued at $ 648, but you can get both for just $ 279.

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These simple silicone tips adapt to any ear shape to keep your AirPods or AirPods Pro firmly in your ears and limit your chances of losing them. Get two sets for just $ 13.59 (usually $ 20) using the code VIP15 on either AirPods or AirPods Pro.

Silicone hook attachment for AirPods

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Use code VIP15 to get a handful of useful accessories for your AirPods for just $ 8.49 (regular $ 29). This bundle by Aduro contains a protective silicone case, ear hooks, earphone wing covers, a magnetic neck strap, a carabiner attachment, a watch strap holder and a travel bag with zipper.

AirPods accessory pack with earbud covers

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Earhoox’s AirPod Survival Kit also contains a variety of useful accessories, including a pair of Earhoox in two different sizes. Code VIP15 also gives you a charging dock, magnetic tape, and AirPods case for just $ 33.99 (usually $ 49).

Assortment package with AirPod accessories

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Conveniently keep your AirPods hydrated from anywhere, Earhoox plugged in, and all. With this charging station. You get a stand and a car mount for a truly seamless charging experience. Get it for just $ 27.19 (usually $ 49) using code VIP15.

Charging station for AirPods

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This lightweight but sturdy nylon carrier offers secure storage for your AirPods or AirPods Pro when you are on the move. It goes perfectly with your AirPods case with an additional pocket for small accessories. Get it for $ 10.19 (usually $ 19) with code VIP15 on sale.

Robust AirPods Pro case

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This handy cable covers all of your devices when it comes to charging. With a USB port on one end and three separate ports on the other – two Lightning and a magnetic dock for an Apple Watch – you can charge your watch, AirPods, and iPhone at the same time. Normally $ 69, you can get two of these for just $ 16.99 using the code VIP15.

Two lightning chargers and a magnetic Apple Watch dock

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Slide your AirPods case into this app-integrated rubber case and you can always keep track of where your earbuds are. The rubber cover also protects it from scratches, dirt and water damage. Usually $ 45, you can use code VIP15 at checkout and get the Air Fob for just $ 30.59.

Rubber tracking case for AirPods

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For just $ 7.64 (usually $ 10) with the code VIP15, this multifunctional app lets you instantly connect your AirPods to your Mac. With its powerful gestures and automation, you can connect and change listening modes, microphone input and output volume without ever opening your system settings or the Bluetooth menu.

Connect AirPods to a Mac without opening Bluetooth

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Equipped with a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh, this power bank provides up to 75 hours of additional power for your phone and AirPods. It even comes with a slot to put your AirPods case in while it’s charging. Get it for $ 35.69 (usually $ 49) using code VIP15.

Cell phone battery with additional charging slot for AirPods

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This adorable AirPods case looks like a vintage tape recorder. It is made of high quality silicone material and protects your buds from water, dust and more on the go. Grab it for just $ 22.09 (usually $ 28) using code VIP15.

AirPods case in the design of a vintage tape recorder

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AirPods Max owners deserve some discounted goodies too. Here is a PU leather storage bag with a four-layer construction to protect your AirPods Max from daily wear and tear. It normally costs $ 79, but you can get it for as little as $ 25.46 using code VIP15.

Leather AirPods Max carrying case

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Another sturdy housing option for your AirPods Max. This one comes with a rigid inner lining to keep it snug, sleek microfiber to protect it from scratches, and a cord holder for your charger and other accessories. Get it for $ 25.49 (usually $ 39) with code VIP15 on sale.

Hard case for AirPods Max

Image Credit: IntelliArmor