Whether you’re running a marathon, a local park run, or just running around the block without dropping your lunch, no matter what, when it’s running your feet should be accompanied by the best running shoe man. Running shoes not only contribute to comfort while running, but should also protect you from side kicks and accidental falls. You need to check that the shoe you have bought has special technology for running. Foam midsoles, carbon footplates and special designs for running – shoes have become indispensable and must be chosen with the utmost care to protect your feet while running. We bring you the best men’s running shoes to keep your feet running all the way over the track.

Top 5 running shoes every man wants to own

Hand-picked running shoes for men that don’t compromise on comfort.

1. Sparx men’s running shoes

With a lace fastener, the running shoes are made of high quality mesh. The shoes add comfort by providing a complete fit on your feet.

2. Asian men’s Bouncer-01 running shoes

Asian’s casual canvas shoes are designed so that you can dress in your own distinctive style. The outsole consists of an air cushion that doubles the shock absorption effect.

3. Campus men’s Crysta running shoes

With the regular width and no heels, the shoes keep you going and prevent accidental falls while running or jogging. The shock absorption is done through the loop details to keep your feet comfortable.

(967 ratings & 5,304 reviews)

4. Adidas Elate M men’s running shoe

The shoes come with light heels that help you maintain your posture while running. The cut out white panel creates a chic look and keeps your feet relaxed.

(258 ratings & 1,557 ratings)

5. Reebok Men’s Tread Revolution Adv Lp Running Shoes

With a normal arch height and firm surface, the shoes help you to take every step firmly. Together with the comfort, these are perfect for enhancing your look in your spare time.

(299 ratings & 1,759 reviews)